5 Movies Based On Video Games That You Need To See

It is all but inevitable when a video game surpasses a certain level of popularity, someone in Hollywood is going to be inspired to make a film about it. And while the idea resonates very well among fans, the majority of critics and movie enthusiasts tend to shun them, mainly because of insufficient attention to detail to aspects like story-telling and character development.

So we are ditching the critics for once and doing this one for the fans. Here is our top 5 countdown of the best movies based on video games that have ever been released.

5. Need for Speed
There is only one other reason why you would be a fan of this movie besides being obsessed with NFS video games: the lead character is played by Aaron Paul of ‘Breaking Bad’ fame. Spare a thought also for Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poots.

This movie is essentially an NFS video game with a bit more commentary in it and some trace of a storyline. Basically, someone goes to prison for a crime he did not commit and then seeks revenge by driving really, really fast.

4. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Dastan, played by Jake Gyllenhaal is the adopted son of the Persian King who comes across a knife that gives him the power to control time. Pretty video-gamy right? As it turns out, the dagger can actually be a rather cool instrument for manipulating time. Plus, the whole film is packed with intense action sequences and fight scenes. Jake, of course, was good as he usually is and helped bring the fan approval rating up to a respectable 58%.

3.  Silent Hill
We know for a fact that Silent Hill is one heck of an amazing game and so lends some very good source material to the film that would be based on it. The film really did give you the impression of watching someone else play the game. And although the horror genre is a tricky one to get right, this film still managed to score a 63% approval rating from fans.

2. Resident Evil
Fan or not, you probably have seen at least one film from this franchise. Not only was it based on one of the most successful video game franchises, it turned out to perform well as a movie franchise too, with the first film receiving a 67% approval rating from fans, which was enough to convince the studio to make a sequel.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
One of the reasons that this one takes the top spot is because in part, it is a bit of an underdog. Let’s be honest, the game was not a massive success and the actual plot was a bit juvenile. What really hooks you into it is actually the visual aspect. In this film, you can feast your eyes upon some of the best-choreographed fight scenes you will ever see and special effects that are genuinely out of this world.

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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Review PS VITA

Shantae is one of the most beloved platformer games because it is incredibly fun to play. Now, it is about as old as Game Boy Color and has recently been shifting on to consoles via ports. For instance, PlayStation4 contains a port for Shantae: Risky’s Revenge which was released a while ago in 2010.
But anyway let’s get on with the review starting with…

The story of Shantae is essentially about the character, Shantae, who is half-human, half-genie, and works as a Guardian Genie to a small town, defending it against threats like invasions. But one night, she has a vision of the Genie Realm facing imminent danger and in the following days, loses her job and suffers a host of other losses as she draws closer to danger threatening the magical realm of her mother.

This game uses a side-scrolling platform with combat elements included and is pretty consistent with its predecessors. All of your navigation, uncovering of secrets, fighting enemies etc. is done side-scrolling. As you continue, events in the story will lead you to your present objective. You can explore such objectives through the town or the levels in the world at large where you will encounter bosses and enemies. Your town is essentially your home base of operations.

The game is not compatible with PSTV by default. The controls however, are quite easy. The way you move around is either with the D-Pad or Left Analog Stick. Use the triggers or circle button to fire away whatever magic you have selected. And now about the face buttons. Use X to jump and Square for physical assault. The Circle launches magic attacks and Triangle makes you dance and switch forms.

That is about as simple as it gets. Oh, just one more thing. Select enables you to trade equipped spells without needing to refer the menu first.

The presentation is indeed one of the great strong points of this game. There is no debating that visually, this is a pretty stunning game. There is a rich diversity of colors to all of the areas and the models have been made to look quite clean and refined. This game is just festooned with beautiful details like for example, the actively-moving elements contained in the background of every level.

And after assaulting eyes with the visual feast, it sets about your ears. The theme song, ‘Dance Through The Danger,’ is an enchanting track, especially with its feminine vocals. The in-game music is also a perfect match that complements the main theme as well as the whole gaming experience.

The performance of Half Genie hero is pretty decent, running at 60fps on Vita. However, the fps rate does drop marginally when there is an explosion. It will still stay well above 30fps, so really, you could not complain.

The loading time is pretty good too. It is very unlikely to take longer than 5 seconds, which is a massive relief no matter what mood you are in.

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana - PS Vita Gameplay and Review

The latest game series, Ys series has been establishing the benchmark for music and fight in action game of role-playing every since 1987. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, is the latest game but it is no different, though it have something where latest entries are lacked, which makes a completely brilliant story.

The most consistent hero in this game is Adol Christin. Now for last three decades the perpetually-youthful has redheaded swordsman are hunting to get adventure. Adol is regularly getting embroiled with the purpose to destroy entire world and to fight with dark gods and also foiling the foul plots. The exploits are mainly legend stuff.

Though Adol exists in the space which is quite similar to various classic games of role playing of Japanese action, where concurring gods and saving entire world are regular happenings.
Adol legend is paved along from RPG tropes as he is a hero whose occurrence was foretold through prediction. The selected one is with various ancient traditions. He’s also started off about their adventures which is suffering from amnesia, and is about JRPG.

I have played through the four series of Ys games for last 13 years, and each of the series is enjoyed to the fullest, but the story is not for points. I have been drawn for receptive combat which are lulled by great music. When you ask me for matching the plot of these games with their titles, certainly I might be at loss. Though, this is not about the case with series of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Now, this is something else.

The series, Lacrimosa of Dana now opens with the Adol and their companion of blue-haired Dogi aboard the ship known as The Lombardia, which is heading towards Eresia continent in the search of various adventure which is world-shaking. This trip is mainly cut short while the huge sea creature usually destroys vessel, thereby sending the Adol which is plunging in depths of briny. He also awakens on Seiren Island shore, the cursed place which is from the legend that says that no one has returned.

Customarily, this is where Adol stagger upon the ancient tradition and is declared as “warrior of the legend” or any other, but this doesn’t actually happen. Rather, our hero and some other survivors of Lombardia’s band form the small kind of settlement. Known as Castaway Village, they serve as operations base for Adol and the company as polish Seiren Island for other survivors and resources that they will require to escape.

There is nothing more driving as Adol than the persistent thirst for the adventure. It is mainly about the survival, not only for him, though also for emergent community of the castaways which appears him and the most adventuring attendant for the protection, comfort and 
 salvation. They mainly rely on him. And he also relies on them.

Every improved castaway accomplish the role in a developing village. The young woman was also found traveling dazed at beach turns to be the tailor, rendering the skills for crafting the accessories and the outfits for Adol and their friends. The medical student has become the doctor, some infusing potions from the resources collected during expedition party. You won’t find any money on the island, hence the rescued merchant also trades much exotic materials and products for the common supplies.

Additional for stand-ins for anonymous merchants and the menders that are populating the fantasy standard of RPG towns, every new occupant of the Castaway Village is known as a unique character. They also have got some stories to tell as well as quests, and by that time they are also done when they have endeared to the player if they had been out in wild fighting by the side of Adol.

The dilemma of trapped passengers is the most incredible way which is compelling call to the adventure. It is so much that while Adol starts to dream about the girl with blue-hair from the civilization which is long-dead—the cover art and concept art of game—it never feel close as vital as it should be. There was no feeling of Dana for the game which is subtitled as The Lacrimosa of Dana (where “lacrimosa” is a Latin word which means “weeping”)

Dana is basically supposed to be other key character of this game, where for the first time any person has shared the top-billing along Adol. However, main problem in the introduction of game begins off as the dream series which happen just before Adol as well as other fellow fighters Sahad, Laxia, Ricotta and Hummel are planning to do something which is very thrilling. With a promise of the creatures for battling, striking terrain for exploring and a probability of adding the new face with the Castaway Village, an urge for skipping such visions is quite strong. Now the question is that from where is she? Other question is what is the connection with Adol? He is possibly some kind of chosen again, what so ever. Let us now go rescue of some of the survivors.

Dana has become quite interesting as they have integrated in key portions of this game, but this would take some while. I’m talking some hours here. This sounds quite lot, but there is also many things to do and to explore which doesn’t consist the other story in which I am not invested.

There is the map which you need to fill in, every individual section shows the explored percentage, treasure the chests to get opened and the resources to harvest. This might takes much of climbing and jumping to hit such numbers.

This village will get the raided by the beasts, thereby setting in the motion of Interception event, which pitched battles that Adol and their companions also defend settlement which is 
 against the waves of attacking enemies. However, there are even Suppression missions that see castaways taking a battle against beasts to wilderness, thereby keeping entire population in the check lest they get overrun.

 You can see fish to catch, some crops to grow, some items to the craft and even the meals to cook. Much of work goes in by keeping up the impression of civilization.
So, there’s a complete joy for running about the trio of traveler, slaughtering the unlucky creature which gets in the path. The series of Ys has the knack for quick pace vibrant combat, and Lacrimosa of Dana which is best.

However, creating the system of rock/paper/scissors which is introduced in the Ys Seven, every playable characters also does some kind of damage such as strike, slash and pierce. When an enemy has some difficult outer shell, the huge striking of Sahad anchor weapon is other thing to crack. When the enemy flies, it piece their wings with the Laxia’s saber. Moreover, slashing sword of Adol is the only thing to get to heart of beasts.

The Players also swap between 3 active characters on fly during the battles for exploiting three weaknesses of enemy. They also switch the styles and also create the combos, through the well-timed dodges with the guards that are slowing down time and nullifying the damage by opening the enemies for distressing attacks. This is the invigorating dance, average addictive. While this game also features the fast-travel system which allows Adol and the crew warp between the save crystals which is quite instant, I usually found hoofing around just to destroy the beasts.

 There is dancing and music. The game of Ys series is manly lauded for their soundtracks, creating some finest and great scores in the game. Rather than you tell how great the music in the Lacrimosa of Dana, Nihon Falcom who is the developer of the 55-track playlist have uploaded at Youtube. This is simply gorgeous.

Update on 30 Aug: This has been pointed that Youtube channel is also run by the fan, and it is not a official channel of development studio. You may also find the team of Falcom Sound which is the official releases of jdk’s on Google Play, iTunes, Spotify as well as Amazon.

Pleasing combat with the awesome music are the bread and butter of Ys. Key components have carried the series through various sequels which also remakes the last three decades. Main stories are not been strong, though when they will place to hang the hat while stabbing and jamming, it’s not great deal.

Hell, we may also have also been better. Through adding the most beguiling tale packed having rich, appealing characters and also ever-looming conflict of man-versus-nature, Nihon  
 Falcom also has crafted the game which is hard to always put down. Moreover, there is also no real “Everything is now okay, we may also rest” moments in the game series Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. But, this struggle is not over till everyone is escaped from the island.

 I’m about 40 to 50 hours in, which doesn’t appear like that I’m getting from anytime quite soon. This is fine. I also have got everything when I look for the action RPG.

Update October 24: As posting this review I also have almost completed this game, and when most of the points stand up, Dana portion of this game will pick up the steam in final chapter of the game. The characters also grew to a point that she has replaced Adol in the key party. He is just the most incredible slow beginner. Final play time estimated which should be a little more than 75 hours.