How To Change Xbox One Gamertag

It is extremely easy to change your Xbox gamertag.  Most likely your gamertag was created for you at random when you first singed in.  Though, you had nothing to do with the creation of a nick you probably did not want, you have a free change credit to make it feel your own.  If for some reason you still don't like the name you have chosen after using your free gamertag change credit; You will be able to change again only if you have the funds to do so, as it is a paid service.

You want to be unique and stand out above the others.  Choose a gamertag that will suit you the best.  If you are in the hunt of cool nicks check out these steps:

1.  Go to Gamertag checker
2.  Enter the name you would like to use and press the "Check-Gamertag" button for availability.
3.  You may or not find it the first few tries.  Keep trying until you see it may be available, and when you do.  Claim it!

Here is to go about it in your console:

1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
2. Scroll to the top of the guide and select your gamerpic.
3. Under Sign in, highlight your gamerpic, and then press the A button  on your controller
4. Select View profile, and then Customize profile. Select your gamertag to edit it.
5. You can either select one of the suggested available gamertags, or select Make my own to create your own

Play Online Games For Higher Grades in School

Playing video games online is not entirely wasting time as some parents may think.  Parents often get the impression that if their child or children spend time playing video games is only just as pass time and entertainment; but not so much as a study shows that it can be useful to help improve grades at school.  A study was conducted which tested 12,000 teens of the average 15 year olds.  And those with online gaming activities were favorited with enhanced mathematics, science and reading skills.

The reason behind it is simple really: As good online games get, they often ask the players to test their intellect to solve puzzles.  The ability of problem solving is one that must be in constant practice to enhance it.  Serves as a brain exercise.

Now there were more teens than not who have common visits to social media networks and rather spend more time there than playing online games.  Facebook, chatting with friends about gossip is not an intellect enhancer; but it is a form pass time and entertainment.  Results of the study showed this as negative impact on the students.  However, Albert Posso who was in charge of this experiment recommends that teachers incorporate social media and online games in classrooms to further improve students grades.  Check out some of the best online here: Kizi Games

You Have Got to Play ARK

What is ARK? In a nutshell, its an open-world survival game full of adventure fun which has been developed by Studio Wildcard.  The theme is Jurassic as it takes place in ancient times where dinosaurs roamed the earth.  At the beginning you are set in an island called ARK; stranded on its shores; you will need to survive obviously by gathering materials and by learning skills, such as obtaining food, kill or tame animals natured in the environment; harvesting new crops, build units, create brand new items and tools.  Once you have the basics survival checked, then you will need to get partners which will help you along the way.

ARK is available now.  It was released in June 2015.  Steam, Playstation 4, and Xbox One have it as early access.  Engine 4 was used in the development of the game which to the co-founder, Jesse Rapczak, was a must since virtual reality was most envisioned since the firsts ideas of ARK were proposed.

Among the most popular games to play on Steam, ARK is one of them, with over 100k players who have rated it as a fan favorite. To know more about ARK and to start playing this amazing game; Please check out: ARK: Survival Evolved