Subway Surf 3D 2017

Its not that often we gamers get to see beautiful-graphics game apps nowadays.  A good adventure game which will challenge you in your reaction time and reflexes as well as being fun, and entertaining at the same time;  Such is the case for Subway Surf 3D.  One free game app that will do exactly that.  Its fast paced as you can probably tell from the images shown here.

Subway Surf 3D has amazing colorful graphics.  As you can tell by the title it all takes place at the subway where there are trains running.  You ride in your skateboard at very fast speeds... but wait.  If you actually did that would be considered illegal.  No worries; Its a video game.  And so the policemen and inspectors inside the game will be after you to make you stop.  Avoid them and see if your score can go higher and higher collecting those cool shiny coins.  Watch out for obstacles cause they could end your run.  Now see how long you last running, and how long you will be playing this game.  You won't give up that easy after a few game overs; right?  Its right addicting, and lots of fun.

Check out the official web page here for more info and free download :)

Play Punch Drunk for Free

In a world where there is a video game for almost everything we do in real life.  We come across one of the out-of-the-box; original that is sure to become a classic in the future.  Not because of its originality, but also because of the hilarious concept behind it.  I am referring to Punch Drunk free game app for iTunes.

The premise; After a long day of hard work, all you will want to do is relax, have a drink and enjoy the booze for the rest of the day.  Nothing more, nothing less.  There is just one itty-bitty problem.  It just so happens that you are married.  Your wife; a good woman or party pooper; however you want to describe her; does not approve of you drinking.

Don't get discouraged; you will have your sip in due time; mainly when she is not paying attention to you.  Here is the mission and goal of the game: drain your drink without getting caught by the wife.  If she sees you sipping you won't live to tell about it; Game Over! Check out Punch Drunk and download free.  Sure to have you playing for hours as its as addictive as its is hilarious.

How To Change Xbox One Gamertag

It is extremely easy to change your Xbox gamertag.  Most likely your gamertag was created for you at random when you first singed in.  Though, you had nothing to do with the creation of a nick you probably did not want, you have a free change credit to make it feel your own.  If for some reason you still don't like the name you have chosen after using your free gamertag change credit; You will be able to change again only if you have the funds to do so, as it is a paid service.

You want to be unique and stand out above the others.  Choose a gamertag that will suit you the best.  If you are in the hunt of cool nicks check out these steps:

1.  Go to Gamertag checker
2.  Enter the name you would like to use and press the "Check-Gamertag" button for availability.
3.  You may or not find it the first few tries.  Keep trying until you see it may be available, and when you do.  Claim it!

Here is to go about it in your console:

1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
2. Scroll to the top of the guide and select your gamerpic.
3. Under Sign in, highlight your gamerpic, and then press the A button  on your controller
4. Select View profile, and then Customize profile. Select your gamertag to edit it.
5. You can either select one of the suggested available gamertags, or select Make my own to create your own