Bubble Shooter Review

Whenever we discover a new bubble game that lives up to our standards, we go ahead and include it in our website. Our latest addition is called Bubble Blobs, a fairly colorful game with well over 50 levels which can be played on the map. The graphics are paint-themed and pretty sweet and the level difficulty increases with each level of the game.

Bubble Spinner is another very popular game, a true Bubbleshooter classic that been frequently played for a long time. It features a bubble field that revolves as you shoot at the bubbles giving it an entirely new dimension.

Bubble Hit is popular game, particularly in offices since it offers a relaxed gaming experience.

Gameplay for Bubble Shooter

You can play Bubble shooter online completely free with no sign-up required. Pop as many bubbles as you can with each shot to score extra points. To win, you need to have shot all the bubbles.

The main objective of the game is to score as many points as you can, and that means popping the colored bubbles. Set rows of 3 bubbles of the same color to make them pop. The controls are simple enough, move the mouse left or right to take aim and click to shoot what comes in your direction.

The most popular version of Bubbleshooter is still the original which is still available. The playing field consists of blue, light blue, green, yellow and red bubbles. Since its release, it has inspired hundreds of clones. But none of them are quite like the original.

Tips for Playing

There are no specific time limits to be concerned about so you can select whatever bubbles you want to pop in your own time.
You can spot the next bubble to shoot from the left
Manipulate the borders and get your bubbles to bounce off them and reach tough spots
The game will be over as soon as any of the rows touch the ground
The game will also end when the bubbles hit the bottom or if you manage to shoot all of them

Bubble Shooter Video

The Bubble Shoot video depicts the actual gameplay so you can watch it and find out how far you can make it in the game. The key is to get together groups of bubbles. Shooting just three at a time will not take you right to the end.

Other Games

Visit our website to find more Bubble Shooter games. (www.bubbleshooter.net) You can check out either the top categories or the sidebar on the left. We constantly browse through the web in search of the best and latest games to present to our viewers. Whenever a new bubble shooter game comes up on our search, they are promptly added to our website. But of course, they also have a certain standard to fulfill beforehand. Be sure to try Bubbles Extreme and Puzzle Bobble, two classics that anyone can enjoy. Puzzle Bobble is the original while Bubbles Extreme is a more extreme version.

Review of Summon Night 6: Lost Borders

The Summon Night franchise has been around for quite a while now thanks to a rich blend of tactical RPG and visual novel aspects. While it certainly is not for everyone, its 6th entry is accessible on both your PS Vita and PS4.

Let us begin with Raj, about as ordinary a character as you can imagine except he keeps seeing things drop from the sky above and is doubly curious as to what that is all about. After meeting some people in a field that had actually dropped from the sky, he gets to know the world he lives in a little better. Magna happens to be a lot keener on combat rather than philosophy and so Raj enlightens both him and his sister, Hasaha through his own summon. All things considered, this story contains summons, magic and the general principle of meeting new people and receiving them for who they are.

There is plenty of diversity to go around in the Summon Night blends. Compare it for instance, to the Utawarerumono series which is almost entirely a visual novel that gets a light sprinkling tactical RPG. Summon Night not only features more tactical RPG but with added depth as well. The challenges are quite interesting even in a relaxed SRPG and the battles have run smoothly at a pace that even gives Final Fantasy tactics a run for their money.

The visuals of Summon Night 6 are simply gorgeous. The artwork for story sections is inspired by anime and there are actually brief anime interludes here too. Unlike many other visual novels, there is some real animation to look forward to here. That said, the RPG portion is pretty sweet too. Even with the caveat, it can look aesthetically pleasing albeit bearing some resemblance to an up-scaled Vita game. Thanks to flat shading on the characters and backgrounds, there is a uniformed appearance between RPG and visual novel segments.

The sound design for Summon Night 6 is good too. However, it is not quite clear of a few criticisms. The vocals are a bit bland and do not really drive home the intended emotion necessary to advance the plot. Not to say that it is complete rubbish but it does hint a bit at those god-awful anime dubs of the last decade. Anyways, on to the good news, the sound design for the story as well as the battles keeps your interest peaked. You will hear all kinds of immersive environmental sound effects during the novel and a faster, more intense soundtrack during battles.

So let us sum up then. Summon Night 6: Lost Borders brilliantly combines tactical RPGs and visual novels. While some fans may not take kindly to the English vocals, the actual story is rather intriguing. While it is still too soon to call it a classic, you will not regret the time you spend immersed in it.

Playing it on the PS Vita with a PlayStation TV, you are guaranteed to not encounter any issues with compatibility. After all, there are not too many differences between the two releases except of course when it comes to their relevant consoles. The PS Vita offers slightly lower resolution and horsepower compared to the PS4. But to be frank, you will not miss it that too much.

5 Movies Based On Video Games That You Need To See

It is all but inevitable when a video game surpasses a certain level of popularity, someone in Hollywood is going to be inspired to make a film about it. And while the idea resonates very well among fans, the majority of critics and movie enthusiasts tend to shun them, mainly because of insufficient attention to detail to aspects like story-telling and character development.

So we are ditching the critics for once and doing this one for the fans. Here is our top 5 countdown of the best movies based on video games that have ever been released.

5. Need for Speed
There is only one other reason why you would be a fan of this movie besides being obsessed with NFS video games: the lead character is played by Aaron Paul of ‘Breaking Bad’ fame. Spare a thought also for Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poots.

This movie is essentially an NFS video game with a bit more commentary in it and some trace of a storyline. Basically, someone goes to prison for a crime he did not commit and then seeks revenge by driving really, really fast.

4. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Dastan, played by Jake Gyllenhaal is the adopted son of the Persian King who comes across a knife that gives him the power to control time. Pretty video-gamy right? As it turns out, the dagger can actually be a rather cool instrument for manipulating time. Plus, the whole film is packed with intense action sequences and fight scenes. Jake, of course, was good as he usually is and helped bring the fan approval rating up to a respectable 58%.

3.  Silent Hill
We know for a fact that Silent Hill is one heck of an amazing game and so lends some very good source material to the film that would be based on it. The film really did give you the impression of watching someone else play the game. And although the horror genre is a tricky one to get right, this film still managed to score a 63% approval rating from fans.

2. Resident Evil
Fan or not, you probably have seen at least one film from this franchise. Not only was it based on one of the most successful video game franchises, it turned out to perform well as a movie franchise too, with the first film receiving a 67% approval rating from fans, which was enough to convince the studio to make a sequel.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
One of the reasons that this one takes the top spot is because in part, it is a bit of an underdog. Let’s be honest, the game was not a massive success and the actual plot was a bit juvenile. What really hooks you into it is actually the visual aspect. In this film, you can feast your eyes upon some of the best-choreographed fight scenes you will ever see and special effects that are genuinely out of this world.

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