8 Tips that Make Fortnite Easy to Play as a Noob

The latest gaming phenomenon in the world is no Candy Crush Saga. Fortnite is massively popular, but it’s also quite difficult to play. Newcomers may find the game challenging at first. The game becomes immensely more fun as players gain experience. Until then, use the below suggestions to survive Fortnite:

1. Avoid the Main Regions
There are 20 regions in the game marked with yellow arrows. These are the main regions where the most hardcore PvPers are likely to gather. Players here are rather aggressive, so newcomers may find the game particularly hard to grasp in these areas.

Instead, land in a non-named region to avoid getting blasted the moment your character’s feet hit the ground. Aim for the smaller, unnamed house lots. These regions have plenty of supplies too, but minimal numbers of aggressive players.

2. Use a Shotgun as Your Starter Weapon
Fortnite is full of cool weapons, but not all are effective. The most effective weapon for a beginner is a shotgun. It may not be as cool as a handgun, but the trusty old shotgun can cause damage in close proximity like no other. Since nearly all beginner combat in-game are close encounters inside buildings, a shotgun can serve you much better than a pistol or a rifle.

3. Find a Shield Potion without Delay
To master the game, secure a shotgun. Right after that, find a shield potion. The potions are far more effective than bandages to regain health. The shield potions don’t add health points but add a brand new bar of health. That’s about 75 percent more health to keep you going. Make sure you consume shield potions only in a safe area.

4. Become a Master Builder.
Building stuff is a crucial aspect of survival in Fortnite. Players can conjure up survival tools literally out of thin air. So if you can build like an expert, your survival will be near guaranteed.

There are several structures you can practice building in the game. To decrease the difficulty of the game, become crazy familiar with building “1x1” basic structures. These structures offer protection as well as the high ground advantage during combat.

To practice a lot, drop into a rather secluded area as mentioned earlier. You can practice more in the “Save the World” mode. Make it even easier by choosing the “Builder Pro” button layout.

5. Change the Button Layout
The button layout can be frustrating when playing Fortnite without a controller. Without the right layout, players can lose essential milliseconds when responding to attacks. Fix this problem by changing the button layout to “Builder Pro.” As mentioned above, it helps you learn to build better too.

6. Don’t Cut Down the Trees.
Rather, don’t completely chop down trees when harvesting for food. Trees offer wood in addition to food. You need wood to build things. So if you only cut down trees partially, you can get more wood and food anywhere in the game.

Chopping down trees is also risky out in the open. You can minimize your likelihood of becoming a target by jumping up and down and spinning in circles while chopping. Not the most elegant way to play the game, but you will get the chopping done faster at less risk.

7. Think before Jumping into Battle Pass Challenges
Battle Pass challenges, made available weekly, offer loads of useful unlocks. But new players should not dive straight into these challenges right away. Battle Pass games tend to be crowded with experienced PvPers that can toast you before you can say “Fortnite”.

Instead, wait till a Battle Pass challenge area sees a reduction in activity. Then you can swoop in and achieve the objective without having to combat dozens of players more experienced than you.

8. Remember Where the Loot Chests Were
One of the biggest tasks in the game is to find loot chests full of treasures. These chests can be found just about anywhere in the game, from inside a house to under a tree. If you do happen to find a loot chest, remember the location.

Loot chests aren’t randomized in the game. So if you find one, you may stumble upon a refreshed chest at the same location later (unless an update changes it).

There you go. Use the above tips to get off to a grand start as a Fortnite player and not get pawned every time you land.

God of War Patch 1.21 Makes the Game a Lot Less Frustrating

Sony and Capcom just released the eleventh update patch to God of War, originally unveiled on April 20. The 1.21 update fixes some of the most frustrating bugs in the game and also introduces new additions that make gameplay more fun.

Unlike the last update, which introduced the goofy Photo Mode, the new patch isn’t packed with cool stuff. The publishers are still mum about exactly what type of bugs the new update is fixing. Though the improvements of the new patch aren’t listed specifically, players are sorting through the changes.

Here is a list of new features and fixes known to be available with all the patches to God of War:

Final Weapon Upgrades
A number of players have reported that the newest update allows those who proceed to the final stage to get weapons upgrades. The weapons can be reportedly maxed out before facing the final quest.

Photo Mode
Introduced with patch 1.20, Photo Mode became an instant fan favorite. This feature allows users to freeze action in-game to capture screenshots just perfectly.

The mode works like an in-game DSLR camera. It allows users to edit scenes to get the best shot, much like a digital camera. With the Photo Mode, players can adjust the focal length of a shot, change the field of view, and add depth of field.

Players can additionally tweak the focus distance, aperture, and F-Stop. A number of Snapchat-like filters were also introduced. Players can add borders, the game logo, and text to the screenshots they take.

Perhaps the most fun part of Photo Mode is the ability to alter characters’ facial expressions in the screenshots. Fans could, for example, give the infamously grumpy Kratos a smile. Players can alter a characters’ visibility as well.

Increased Text Size
Introduced alongside Photo Mode on patch 1.20, the text size on menus and subtitles are bigger. The text is much easier to read now than when the game was first released.

Bug Fixes
Patches 1.17, 1.18, and the most recent 1.21 are said to fix minor bugs within the game. However, the publishers have never specified exactly what those bugs were.

Players have claimed that the 1.17 update fixes a supposedly bugged HDR and audio skipping issues. However, without confirmation from the developers, it’s difficult to specify what the errors actually were.

Scaling Bug Fix
One of the few known bugs in the game is a display scaling issue that was corrected by the 1.11 update, the second patch to the game.

Optional Text Zoom
Players have the option to zoom text with the 1.12 update. With the increased text size in patch 1.20, this may not be necessary for most players now.

Unknown Fixes
God of War has received a slew of patch updates since its April release. The updates supposedly fix errors within the game, but the studio isn’t disclosing details of the supposed fixes. So far, little to nothing is known about what updates through 1.13 to 1.16 were supposed to fix.

The director of the game, Cory Barlog, has confirmed that there won’t be any more DLC story content releases in the future. Players can, therefore, be certain that future patches won’t introduce more content.

The Best Games of 2018 So Far

Wondering what to play this year? Then check out these gaming titles making players squeal with delight:

Dragon Ball FighterZ 
FighterZ is as exciting as your favorite Dragon Ball episode. The developers are really giving fans what they want here. There are bombastic combat moves and plenty of fan service to indulge in. The gameplay has been modernized, along with the looks. The overall result is a nostalgic and delightful gaming treat.

Monster Hunter World 
This is one of the hippest titles to hit the shelves in recent years. The game got rave reviews for its beautiful locations and the number of monsters introduced in the game. It just feels real and the gameplay is addictive. The game is very welcoming to new players, which is a major plus.

God of War  

The classic Sony title has been rebooted by Norse. And the results are just spectacular. God of War was losing steam with the last Sony-released titles. Norse has managed to bring back the franchise in full force with great graphics and gameplay guaranteed to get your heart rate up.

The new God of War has super cool weapons, particularly a certain axe. The enemy monsters have undergone a design makeover and look more intimidating and just generally better to fight. The truly noteworthy upgrade of the reboot is the landscapes, which are stunning and truly worthy of the mythical setting. It’s easy to get absorbed into God of War and get obsessed with Kratos on his bloody journey.

This indie title is a visual feast for the eyes. Forget the dark, solid colors typically expected from games. This comes alive in pastel shades and Piccaso-like angles. It’s all about solving puzzles and platforming. When you want a reprieve from combat-focused action games, try Fe and help a little fox sing his way around a forest.

A Way Out 
What’s really unique about A Way Out is its gameplay. When single-player games are giving way to multiplayer games, A Way Out remains coolly a dual player. Or as the brand puts it, co-op payer. The game is about two prisoners trying to escape. The only way to beat the game is to closely collaborate with a gaming partner. So grab your BFF and work together.

Ni no Kuni 2  
The second installment of the title is more magical than the first. The game is set in an animated world that recalls the best of Studio Ghibli works. The player follows a deposed king on his way to reclaim the throne. This open-world JRPG game is packed with action and superb combat. Gameplay is rife with dealing quick blocks and switching characters to win the strategic upper hand. The game is visually stunning and very emotionally satisfying.

Shadow of the Colossus 
The popular PS2 title is now available on PS4. The story about a boy killing giants to save his love from the clutches of death never feels old. The beautiful setting is completed by gameplay that is less action-y and more adventure focused. Players are required to make unique moves to master the game. The 4k graphics certainly improve the appeal of the game as well.

So, which of the above titles can’t you wait to get your hands on?