Star Ocean: First Departure PSP Preview

I remember playing Star Ocean: The Second Story on the PSone almost 10 years ago. Boy! it was great. This is the one with Rena Lanford, a girl, and Claude Kenni, a guy. Apparently you choose one of the hero's to be the main character of the story. After looking at the video previews of Star Ocean: First Departure I notice some similarities of the Second Story. For example, the graphics, and battle system are the same.

I loved the battle system. It works differently than most RPG's. It is not by taking turns for you to hit, or do any other type of action, but it is real time fighting. It has been so long since I last played the Second Story that I forgot how many maximum characters were able to do battle, but I do believe its 4. Of course you control one character, while the other are controlled by the CPU. You can of course switch to other characters you want to control in battle, and do not have worry about the other guys as you can assign their way to conduct battle.

Another feature that the Second Story had was Item Creation. I would spend countless hours trying to make my top notch weapons and other accessories and even food to win contests and stuff. Yes the food contest was one of my favorite mini games to play.

If you ever played Second Story and got to the end, you'd know that the game had different endings as the way the story would had developed. That was also great about that game. I just hope every single of those elements were conserved for First Departure on PSP.

Star Ocean: First Departure is developed and published by Square Enix, and Schedule to be released for the United States on October 21, 2008. I can't wait to play it!!


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