New PSP Era: PSP Go And Memory Stick HG Micro

Mind before reading this article, this falls under the rumor category. It is not "official" to my knowledge, but it is said that the New PSP everyone is talking about (the one we expected to be called PSP2 or PSP4000) is actually going to be called "PSP Go". Of course with new name comes new design and, so I have seen how they speculate the new look with a slide screen like the picture shown here.

So what is the big talk about this new PSP? The Memory Stick HG Micro will make the new PSP Go an outstanding feature. Such a fancy name for a memory stick, but in reality it is said to be better than your regular memory stick as it said to be 40 MB per second faster. This new PSP Go will have a double memory slots??? as said in "The system will come in two variants: one with 8GB of internal memory, and one with 16GB." I think this will make UMD buying obsolete since game downloading will be official, but not for free as we do with our current PSPs. I do not actually know how that will work out, until we actually see the PSP Go. Release date for Japan is September 2009, and North America will get it too the following October, or November, 2009.



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