PSP 1000,2000,3000 and PSP Go

The Sony PSP has proven itself to be a great handheld device. Over the years, and ever since the PSP was launch in North America in 2005, we have seen great things happened to it.

Just about 2 years ago we saw a little hardware change. The PSP 1000 (original PSP, also know as fat), became PSP light and slim (also known as PSP 2000). "Light" was due because there was a really great difference in weight from that of the PSP fat. The PSP 2000 had the same features of the 1000, except that here it came with a video output, which made this PSP transfer data to your TV. So for instance you could play the same game you play on the PSP on your TV, you could watch a video, listen to music, and all the other features on your TV screen.

About a year ago the world got to know PSP 3000, Sony had really outdone themselves with this model. It is great, and more improved than ever. The great features of the PSP 2000 were carried over, of course, and now with more neat features, but the most noticeable ones were the LCD screen. Much enhance on the resolution and color of the screen, and the fact now that this PSP has a built-in microphone for recording.

The life of the PSP was set to live about 10 years ever since the launch on 2005, from what I have heard. It has been almost 5 years now, which makes the PSP be in its middle ages. Not too long from now, Sony has yet another surprise for us all. The PSP Go! Which is coming according to schedule on October 1st, 2009. The design of the PSP Go is now more noticeable. It became a slider, meaning it slides open to reveal the controls, and just simple screen when closed. It has an already 16 Gigabyte system built-in. All the content including, games, videos, music will be downloadable as it will not have an UMD Drive like the PSP 1000, 2000, and 3000. There are more features, but these are the ones that jump to out from the start.


  1. Hi! In the first parragraph you wrote "ever since the PSP was launch in North America in 1995"...

    Isn't it 2005, as it's stated in the last parragraph, first line?

    Some other questions: Will the PSP Go! be compatible with previous PSP games? What If I own various UMDs and I want to play those games on a PSP Go! if it doesn't have a UMD drive?



  2. Zefhar, thanks for that, that was clearly a typo. and to answer to your question: I guess there will probably be some kind of device that Sony will come up with so you will be able to play your current UMD collection to the PSP Go. And since the PSP Go can only play downloaded games you will need to convert the UMD games that you already have into digital games.

    All the games from the launch of PSP Go and on will be downloadable from what I heard...