Burnout Legends, PSP Gameplay, EA

Burnout Legends For the PSP is one of the best racing, competition, I have ever played, yet I never did a video about it. So I will use this video for now. I am still playing new games on my PSP. Here is more from Amazon.com:

Launch yourself into a world of high-speed insanity, where winning means risking it all. Squeal your tires, shift into gear and tear up the track in this intense game of precision, speed and destruction. Switch into nine different modes, including Crash mode, where you plunge yourself into traffic as you try to create the biggest, most amazing crashes, or Pursuit mode, which pits you against the cops. In Burnout Legends, you'll get all the best courses and crashes from the first three Burnout games, combining for high-speed action on your PSP. With nine different modes, including Burning Lap, Eliminator and Road Rage, there will be no end to the fun. Whether you only have a few minutes to catch a quick gaming fix or you're ready to settle into a two-hour multiplayer battle for victory, Burnout Legends has everything you are looking for in a racing game. With a variety of multiplayer options, including a Gameshare mode that lets you play with a friend off one UMD, you will crash, bash and race your way to the finish line. Each game ships with five of 25 unlockable cars and lets you collect the other 20 inmultiplayer action with other gamers.


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