Pile Up! Bakery - PSP Gameplay

Simple delicious looking game.  Pile Up! Bakery for the PSP.  It consists on dropping the sweets in the center, to make like the title suggests a pile of bakery.  As you advance the machine (that drops the sweets) moving from side to side, go faster and, so it is more difficult to be accurate. Pressing the button at the right time so it will release the sweet at the center gets harder.  The more you stack up by the time period the more points you will receive or rather it will tell you how tall you made the pile, like in the video here, I did 64cm and got ranked a "C" (hey! I think that is not so great..lol) .  And folks, that is all there is to the game.  Being a mini you'd expect it not be long and complicated video game, so it fits perfectly in the mini family.  I personally think it is entertaining, and fun compared to some other minis I have played.  I do recommend this game, it is good for sure! :D


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