Enemy Dawn Game App

The Enemy Dawn App Game is considered to be the best game app of the year and it is one of the highly acclaimed war game. Considered as one of the most combat games, this game describes about the outbreak of World War II and the Nazi invasion of Poland. There is the mobile katyusha rocket launcher which is used for the defence of the Poland against the onslaught of the enemy attacks. One of the special very popular in the western countries and one of the best battles in the eastern Europe. This shooting game is a non-stop action game and the game shows what the Polish people do to save their motherland. The Enemy Dawn Game has 5 different levels and most of the time the players are fully immersed in the game. All the levels are extraordinary and interesting and some of the different levels are:

• The starting phase that is the level one where the player need to defend the country Poland and the Polish city of Warsaw.
• The level is one of the challenging levels where the player needs to face the infantry troops. This level in the game is extremely dangerous.
• In the Level 3 a Polish airfield must be recaptured.
• In the Level 4 the player should go with a head-to-head against a German battlefield.
• The final and the fifth level the player should fight against the aircraft attacks and should try to protect the Danzing Harbor.

Some of the features of this game are extremely unique and some of them are as follows:

• The game is known for the stunning 2D graphics which make the game even more interesting for the players.
• The Ju- 87 Stuka Aircraft attacks which is really exciting to play. • The Panzer tank attacks and the Warship attacks which is very special.

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