Clash Of Clans Hack Cheats | Unlimited Free Gems

For those interested in a good fighting strategic game; Clash of Clans is the best there is out there in video games. You should know that the most effective defense is to have an outstanding offence, if you want to master this game.  Implying your skill will be tested here; Planning ahead, takes a big part of leading your army to victory.  Following are a few tips to take into consideration:

1. Join all the highlights together leaving no holes.  This happens when you create something new on the game.
2. Build an effectively tight spaced villages.  They are easier to protect.
3. Increase your weapons arsenal.  You will surely need a variety of ways to defend or attack an enemy stronghold

Attack goals: Now, before you launch an assault.  You will need to know if your goal is to obtain Elixir or Gold.  The strategy for one, is will NOT be the same for the other.  Let's keep that in mind.  Also; the key point here is that your army keeps upgrading elixir and gold to the maximum.  You should look for attacking villages which are piling gold and elixir.

Gems and elixirs for the game are available for purchase in-game, but you can go around that with COC hacks.  Just go to for the best there is on the internet as of today.


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