The Top 6 Upcoming Vita Games Coming Soon 2019

The end of PS Vita could be closer than everybody expects, as Sony announced last May that it would stop releasing physical game carts for the handheld console after March 21, 2019. A few months later, the bad news struck the fans’ community: PS Vita itself would be discontinued in 2019.

Still, this doesn’t mean that the Japanese manufacturer is completely ignoring the portable console! On the contrary, there are quite a few amazing games for it about to be released this year which deserve more than just a bit of attention.

Let’s see which titles are worth our attention…


Describer by the developer, Muse Games, as a “brawling hamster-fu” beat-em-up game, Hamsterdam requires some serious combos, as your main purpose is to defeat Marlo, the chinchilla, and his Vermin Gang, in order to stop their vicious plan of conquering the city of Hamsterdam.

Obviously, you can customize your character, increasing its stats, but also go through bonus levels. Sounds good, right?

Catherine: Full Body

If you’re a die-hard gaming fan, you should remember this one from back in 2011, when the puzzle platformer Catherine was released on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

The game sticks to the same story of Vincent Brooks, caught between Katherine, his girlfriend who is constantly thinking about marriage, and his affair with Catherine, a young stranger. However, it now includes Rin, a third female character, as well as many new gameplay features, alongside an online mode and new chapters.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards

It’s pretty amazing to see that a game released in 2014 is still receiving updates! Yacht Club Games announced a new campaign for Shovel Knight, King of Cards, which is actually a prequel to the original title, telling the story of King Knight and how he became a member of the Order of No Quarter.

The new expansion comes with 30 new stages, as well as enemies, bosses, and many more, so you must give it a shot on your PS Vita!

Shakedown: Hawaii

Basically, a parody of white collar crime, the new Shakedown: Hawaii brings new captivating missions, focused on “acquiring business, sabotaging competitors, getting back land, and, of course, collecting protection money.

Everything happens in 16-bit graphics, which gives the game a really cool retro feeling! As for the rest of the new features it introduces, we’ll let you discover them yourself.

Monster Crown

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, you’ll definitely appreciate playing Monster Crown on your good ol’ PS Vita!

With over 200 monsters to collect and use them in duels, it adds a twist to classic Pokemon, as completely new species of creatures can be created when two monsters breed. Definitely give it a go and you might end up enjoying it more than the legendary Nintendo game.


Last but not least, we have our favourite when it comes to upcoming PS Vita games: Hardcore.

The first thing that needs mentioning is that it’s a reiteration of a game planned to be released in 1994, but due to various reasons, it was postponed for 25 years. Still, the shooter is ready to make its debut this fall, on Sony’s handheld console, and we’re convinced that we will be thrilled to play it!

Which one of these are you looking forward to playing? Let us know, using the comments section below!

The Top 5 Best Browser Games To Play Anytime

Let’s say that you have some time to kill and your best options is, by far, playing something on your PC. However, there seems to be a problem: your device can’t play the latest titles or you just don’t have any game installed. But, at a second thought, you do have an alternative: browser games.

Lately, the ‘offer’ kept getting bigger and bigger and you can try some pretty amazing games, able to keep you entertained for hours. Let’s take a few moments and see which are some of the best ones available now, shall we?

Bubble Shooter

Y’all know the concept, as it’s been present in a lot of games, whether browser-based or mobile apps. But some things are better left unchanged and this variant of Bubble Shooter is definitely the best one ever made.

Simple graphics, easy to play and totally addicting. These are the ingredients used to create probably one of our favourite browser games in the history of the web. And we really hope that this classic will be around for a lot more years.

Kingdom Rush

Moving on, we’re looking at something with significantly advanced - even though it’s 2D - graphics. In Kingdom Rush, your mission is to build fortifications around your tower, in order to keep the bad guys away. But it’s not that simple, as you will also deal with goblins, ogres, or even orc.

Obviously, as the game progresses, you will be able to upgrade the towers, while the enemies will also get stronger. Definitely a great pick for any strategy fan!

Infinite Mario Bros

Let’s call this ‘the re-birth of a classic’, but this time as a browser-based game. You’ll play as the beloved plumber who jumps on turtles and mushrooms, but there are a few differences, compared to the original.

To be more specific, after a level is over, you just don’t know what comes next, but this is what makes it special, compared to the original Mario game. Just give it a chance and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

World’s Biggest Pac-Man

Unlike the previous entry on our list, this browser-based version of a gaming legend makes just two major changes: the two wraparound tunnels were replaced by four doorways, while users are now allowed to submit their own mazes. Yes, you can make your own version of Pac-Man!

Currently, there are thousands of variants of this all-time classic, so you can spend hours playing it and trying to break down records.

Treasure Arena

Get ready for some 8-bit action! Treasure Arena is, in a few words, your regular arena shooter, which somehow reminds us of the SNES. Nostalgic much? Yeah, probably.

Throughout the game, you’ll constantly be after coins and power-ups, but make sure you’re always prepared to duff up anyone who comes near you!

Browser-based games do-look like a lot of fun, don’t you think? We bet the answer is ‘yes’! Do let us know which one of these is your favourite, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!

Google Stadia: The Future of Gaming And Death of Home Consoles...Maybe

Everybody was looking forward to Google’s moment at the 2019 Game Developers Conference, as the search engine giant was rumoured to launch something big, able to completely transform the gaming industry.

And they did it.

Google Stadia was introduced, promising to end the era of console boxes and allow people to play anywhere. But there’s something telling us that it could fail.’s this Stadia thing working?

In a nutshell, the project wants to change the way games are played, bought, shared, or even developed, as well as solve problems like playing on a split-screen or playing the same game on multiple platforms. Besides this, it also wants to improve the reach of those who live stream on YouTube and - this is the part we really liked - turn the entire internet into a big video game store.

Now, if you have an idea about the latest releases in the gaming industry, you already know that the concept is not 100% new and innovative. Microsoft already gives you the possibility to play the same game on different platforms, while Nvidia also has a service which you can use to play any game you want, no matter your configuration.

But let’s see how Google wants to make things different and bring an end to home consoles.

In practice, Stadia allows you to click on any link and start playing any video game, within a few seconds, no matter how performance-demanding it is. You can do it on an old laptop, your smartphone, your tablet or even a smart TV. Even more, you can jump between multiple devices and your progress will be saved constantly. And you know what’s the best part? Everything you need is an optional controller, which connects directly to Google’s servers.

Otherwise, no additional hardware at all!

Phil Harrison
Google Stadia is expected to make its official debut around E3, even though there’s nothing confirmed about this date. We do know that this year it’s going to be available in the United States and Canada, as well as the United Kingdom and “most” of Europe. VP Phil Harrison revealed that more details will be given somewhere in June, so...we’re looking forward to it!

How much are we going to pay for this?

To everybody’s disappointment, Google gave no details about a possible pricing plan. There are some talks with publishers and other partners, but that’s pretty much it.

One can say that the search engine giant is planning to go on a very conservative route and adopt a pricing plan similar to Steam or any traditional online retailer like it. Which won’t be bad at all. On the other side, it could also opt for a very ambitious approach and start with a monthly subscription fee, just like Netflix, for example, is doing, but with the risk of tallying with its already existing YouTube TV service.

The latter could prove to be incredibly costly for end users, not to mention that it might not be welcomed by gaming companies they will eventually partner with. Even more, it’s unclear how such a model can work in terms of revenue splits.

Most likely, Google Stadia - and all the content available on it - will be accessible using a combination of both subscriptions and direct payments, depending on the games you want to play. Which can sound weird at first, but hey, if it works…

No matter the final variant, it will be mandatory for Google to invest in infrastructure and gaming in order to have things flowing smoothly.

“It is a public record that in 2019, Google will be spending $13 billion in infrastructure and capital expenditure,” said the same Phil Harrison. “So this is a very significant investment for the company.”

Facing strong competition

During the launch event, one thing was made clear: Google is launching the new generation of gaming. Still, they made a comparison between Stadia and most of its direct competitors, pointing that it offers a ridiculous 10 teraflops in terms of GPU power, while the likes of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X offer 4.2 and 6. Quite impressive, right?

As a side note, Amazon could soon turn into a serious competitor, as it’s reportedly developing its own game streaming service, rumoured for 2020. Also, let’s not forget about Apple Arcade, introduced just a few days ago!

One controller to rule them all

In a nutshell, Google Stadia is just a controller, in terms of hardware. It doesn’t have a specific name, not to mention that it looks like your average console controller. Still, what it can do is to connect to the club through Wi-Fi, allowing players to stream gameplay directly, using a specific button, but also ask for developer-directed help, using another one.

“If you have an existing USD controller that uses the HID standard, it will work,” Phil Harrison said during the event. Basically, you can play on Stadia without Google’s dedicated controller as well.

...and a few more bonuses

Google Stadia was clearly designed with a big focus on game streamers, as players will queue up to play some of their favourite titles with YouTubers live, in an online lobby. And this is pretty cool if you ask us!

Obviously, Google Assistant was also integrated into Stadia, helping the user with various issues, like when he or she gets stuck in a game and showing the most relevant YouTube video with a solution.

Finally, virtual reality seems to be the next big step for the gaming platform, but no particular details were given during the launch. Still, something’s telling us that they have a few aces in their sleeve and will get them out very soon.

To wrap it up, Google Stadia seems to have everything it takes to revolutionize the gaming industry, even though some of its features are not actually revolutionary. But we strongly believe that we haven’t seen anything from the big G’s plans regarding this….