PSP Emulations: Samurai Showdown PSP Gameplay

Neo Geo who became popular for 2d fighting games, give us Samurai Showdown; the first of many sequels to come then Samurai Showdown 2, 3, etc. I think it was the first fighting game I played that involved swords.

The essential skill to eliminate the opponent here is to know precisely when to do a hard slash, that way doing great damage or even cutting your opponent in two as fatality move. You will need to fight all the characters before you get a chance to fight the final opponent. His name is Amakusa, and really a hard opponent to beat. you will need all your skill and luck to win.

This video is a sample of games emulated on the PSP. In this case I have "Samurai Showdown"; a great classic game from the early 90s. There are hundreds of games for the NEO GEO alone.


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