Top 3 Brutal and Scary PSP Games

There are many genres of video games avaiable on the market. Each game is unique and provides a fun and enjoyable experience for many people. Games such as shooters, sports, role playing and racing are among the most popular. Some video games are quite brutal as they have very gory content and are therefore best for mature audiences. There are three games that make up the top of the most brutal and scary games on the PSP. The games are Obscure: The Aftermath, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and The 3rd Birthday.

Obscure The Aftermath is one of the survival horror games such as Resident Evil. The game is the sequel to Obscure which featured a group of high school students that were battling biological monsters. In this game the story picks up where the original left off with a few of the survivors from the previous game as they are now college students. They are now faced with combating and dealing with a black flower that is spreading all over their college campus. Unfortunately many of the students are using the flower to get high and as a result the survivors are facing another crisis. As a player you will choose one of six people and will have to do everything you can to survive and battle all of the mosters and other creatures along the way.

The next game is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. In this game a father named Harry Mason crashes on the icy streets of the town called Silent Hill. After this happens, everything around him begins to get very unpleasant. He wakes up after the accident and is unable to find his 7 year old daughter Cheryl and begins to find her. Along the way he meets a local cop and a party girl while having difficulty regaining his memory. As the player you will have to control Harry and get out of the town while being chased by many ghouls.

Another one of the most brutal and scare games is the 3rd Birthday. This game is a follow up to the Parasite Eve games of the 1990's and early 2000's. The game is a third person action game that features the heroine Aya Brea. In the game players control Aya and begin her adventure. She has no memory of her past life and begins her journey in a near future New York. The city of New York has been taken over and ravaged by many creatures known as Twisted. Brea is recruited by the Investigation Team to use a device known as the overdrive system. The overdrive system allows her to get her psyche back into the past and control numerous soldiers to eliminate the creatures and change the outcome of past battles in order to change the present.


  1. website is not the for weak-hearted, do you have what it takes?

  2. 3rd Birthday is a good game but not scary at all. Most of the battle are fight in team