Earthworm Jim PSP is cancelled

Who here remembers Earthworm Jim on the SNES? It was truly a good game in its time, fun action adventure and neat animation graphics. I remember playing this game with my little brother, back in the days when SNES was kinda the best gaming system available or so I thought.

I have played countless games in the past, but only remember the titles of the ones I have really liked; Earthworm Jim was one of them. When I first heard this was coming to the PSP I was exited because I would have loved it to be on my PSP.

But what happened??? It got cancelled? I can hardly believe that Atari (a big game developer company) would be in financial trouble, thus the reason they have said to have this game currently on hold after it was 80 percent complete. I never played other Earthworm Jim titles but on the SNES version with only 2D graphics, and I was anxious to see this game in 3D graphic style. Hopefully in the end, it will be released, because 80 % of finished work and suddenly dumped is just a waste I think.


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