PSP 3000? Really?

PSP have evolved. It began as PSP 1000 when it first came out, then the slim 2000. Now it is only a matter of time when a PSP 3000 will arrive. Or so many people are already speculating. The buzz is getting bigger every day, but only Sony has the real answer. This rumor had started over an image found on the official Sony website containing the PSP 3000 logo on it. The image is now removed, and as to a release date, Sony has said nothing yet.

So, what is the good word of this new PSP 3000 model?

Well, it is said not to have much difference from the 2000 series, but it will have a microphone incorporated and looks like the home button will have the Playstation logo instead. Well, that is all what I have gathered so far from my search, but perhaps there is still more. I will keep this post updated.


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