NBA 09: The Inside for PSP Preview

Are you a basketball type of person? Well, why not take your basketball game wherever you go with NBA 09: The Inside for Playstation Portable (PSP). The one thing keeping us from going to the local game store and buying this sports title is the fact that it is not currently available for sale yet. Haha! But it soon will in North America on October 1st, 2008 to be exact.

NBA 09: The Inside promises excellent basketball simulation with a touch of arcade play. Downloadable content to keep up-to-date roster is a great feature that will void outdated info. This game is also loaded with mini games and a great NBA experience. We will see if it lives up to these statements when it’s released.

If you are like me, I would check NBA 09: The Inside for PSP. Interesting enough I got sold on the sneak screen shots I found over on the internet. Published by SCEA and developed by very close to home SCEA San Diego.


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