PSP: Spectral Souls Review

Spectral Souls is another of many strategy role playing games for the PSP. This title got my interest, and wanted to see what it was about. The story takes place somewhere called Neverland (not Peter Pan related) where humans and demons collide. The demons govern the world, but humans fight to free themselves of the nasty demon overlords. That is where you/I come in as the game is viewed.

I have not finished playing this game, and doubt I will want to. See, there are just some things that bother me about the battle system. Not that it got complicated, but really too monotonous for me, and I know they could have done better in the graphic department. I am not so new to the RPG genre. I have gotten stuck on certain parts of the story before, but not this quickly in the game of Spectral Souls. Nevertheless I will try to give it a go once more, hoping that the story, and/or other elements of the game gets more interesting.

I am always interested in great strategy Role Playing games. Final Fantasy Tactics is at the top of my list when it comes to comparison. The only thing I can say is that I have only played a handful of these types of games. Any good recommendations on great Strategy RPG titles for the PSP are very much welcome. Please comment-reply. ^_^

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