Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords PSP Review

I dare say Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords might just be the one puzzle PSP game that has had me hooked from the first minutes I played it. Yes, great entertaining and very interesting game as it also tons of fun. It then became one of my favorites and recommend it to all.

The concept of Puzzle Quest is to match the perspective colors, aligning them as at least 3 in a row. there are green, yellow, blue, and red for mana consumption, which help with the casting of spells, purple for experience points, and skulls for attacking. aligning 4 or more in a row will give you more mana for the colored balls, more experience, of course and will make more damage to the enemy's health power (HP), plus your turn does not end. The library of foes is quite a variety from beasts of the earth to undead zombies. Each with their own mana spells. A battle can be quite long if you think too much on where to make your move.

Overall this is a must for puzzle game players,.

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