Need For Speed Undercover PSP Review

Need for Speed: Undercover developed by Black Box, and Published by Electronic Arts, was just released the 18 of November 2008.

What I like about this game is the really easy controls, or just maybe its because of the car (I only have one 0_o). nice turns, and quite easy to win challenges so far. haha! Another great feature is the especial effects it has. For example the nitrous feature is great and seems like you are really flying or warping through space when on. The finishes are also great as the camera will rotate to capture that photo finish. Maggie Q. the international movie star is a big part of the game and plays as lead character. cut scenes show this. Really high tech game here, I recommend it to anyone into driving games.

As you can see the video below, its very early on the game, but there are many rules on how to do some challenges. Need for Speed: Undercover will have you wanting more of the driving sim. hehe!


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