Neverland Card Battles PSP Review

Neverland Card Battles for PSP falls in the strategy RPG and reminds me of a game I played long ago called Magic the gathering on PSOne. There are some mayor differences though. For one, the mana is not collected in cards but it is determined by the squares you occupy on the floor grid. If you need to summon a creature, for example, a certain number of squares on the grid must belong to you, in order for you to summon that creature. You play as a Dominator(characters who hold cards for play) called Galahad, there are more dominators in the game which you must beat to keep on going with the game story. There are 3 types of cards you can get, these are:
1. Unit cards: summon characters/creatures
2. Spell cards: these are instant damage/effect cards
3. Base cards: kinda support cards

The object of the game is to defeat Hellgaia (an evil god who is trying to kill everyone in the world). I just started playing this game and the story seems that Hellgaia is the last boss to defeat. One thing that is really cool about this game is that you acquire more cards as you keep on playing, and so you can choose which ones you want on your deck(30 cards required, no more, no less) each time its your turn on the battle field you will be able to get one random card from the deck. you get a maximum of 6 playable cards per turn. If you know me, I was always the type who enjoys great art, and this cards definitely have great art too.

I really love games like this, although sometimes a battle may even take me more than an hour to win, but so much fun, I feel like I had just played for 5 minutes. The video below shows that I really had to cut a big chunk of clip to make it fit on Youtube(close to 8 minutes) I was fighting the second boss of the entire game.

This games rocks and I recommend it to everyone into strategy games, It is dam good!! ^.^


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