The Top 10 PSP Educational Games For Kids

If you thought that playing games on the PSP was just for entertainment only, then think again.  There are definitely some games that are very educational as well as entertaining and can quite help in the development of your child's knowledge.  Math, trivia, thinking exersices, and spelling are some of the features of the following PSP games we consider to be our top 10 in our list.  Please check them out for yourselves and see if you agree.  Here they are:

Hot brain is a game about brain training. The player will be able to train their brain playing mini games. These mini games will test the player’s brain to make the player sharper and smarter. The good thing about hot brain is that most of the mini games are good and fun to play. The thing about hot brain is that it feels really fresh and something new. The not so good part of the game is that some of the mini games are pretty boring and that there are just not enough of the mini games. The multiplayer aspect of the game is pretty dull.

My Spanish coach is a game that helps players discovers a new language. Using several trick that help the player remember. There is eight different activities that help the player learn vocabulary,sentence structure, and verb conjunction.The great thing about my Spanish coach is the eight games that it does have provide the player with fast and fun learning experience. Even though the animations of the game are pretty basic it still is fun to play. There is not much music in the game and the voice in the game can be muffled at time. Even with its flaws this game is great for people who want to learn Spanish fast.

Spelling Challenges and More is a game that helps players with their spelling abilities. The player will be put into a challenge in a spelling bee.Every time the player wins; they get points that are converted into dollars. The game has a hundred difficulties, and with many challenges for the player to complete. The player will spell and do other types of challenges in this game. The game can be very repetitive and the back ground does not seem attractive. Even with these flaws this game is great if the player wants to work on their spelling.

Buzz Master Quiz is a game where the player will take several quiz and have to answer them. The game is like a trivia game show people would watch on their television. The great thing about buzz master quiz is the presentation that it has. It looks really good and the character avatar looks great. Plus if the player is a fan of trivia shows they would get a big kick out of this game. The pass around mode is also pretty fun and can leave the player entertained for hours. Though the one bad thing about the game is the other multiplayer modes are pretty shallow and not so much fun.

Mind Quiz is a game where the players test their brain. This game is basically one that the player can play to memorize different things like numbers .There is word game and math games so there is a lot of variety when it comes to this game. The game play is very repetitive but it helps the player memorize things using different mini games. The graphics are basically a bunch of numbers and somewhat bad art. This game will help the player feel smarter while they play it.

Cube is a game where the player must get the cube from the beginning of the level to the exit of the level. The concept of cube gets complicated as the player progress through the game. The tutorials in the game are really well done; they are pretty short and informative. A player can navigate through the menu very easily with cubes design. Figuring out how to complete every puzzle in the game can be fun and a great challenge for the player.

Scrabble is a game where the player mixes letters around to make word. Players can branch off of others words to get bonus points. Scrabble is a great game if the players love mixing around letters to see what words they can make out of them. The best thing about scrabble is it is fun but the player can take the game on the go and keep having fun with the game. Even if the multiplayer aspect of the game is a little weak at times there is still plenty of fun to be had with this game.

Ultimate Board Game Collection is a game that has many board games for players to play .It has all the family favorites like chess, checkers, and dominoes. If the player likes to play board games the ultimate board game collection is the right choice for them. The single player of this game may be lacking, but it is the multiplayer that shines to make this game a prize to be had. This game is something that any player who loves board games can enjoy, or if the player just wants to unlock some trophy's.There is something for everyone in this handheld game.

Chessmaster: The Art of Learning is a game that can teach a player that does not know anything about chess and give them all the tools to learn to be good at the game. The player can play quick matches s of chess and save the game play.With the game play video the player can watch and see what new strategies they can learn to use when they play the next game of chess. The great thing about chess master is that there are a lot of chess games in the game itself so the player won’t feel like they are repeating themselves. The different difficulty modes and unique character models should keep the player interested for a pretty long time.

PQ Practical Intelligence Quotient 2 is a game that will train the player’s brain. The game has many obstacles puzzles to go through and it also offers many modes that the player can play through. The game can be very difficult at times for the player but there is nothing like the satisfaction when the player completes a hard puzzle. One of the best aspects of the game is that there is weekly downloadable test and that increases the games lifespan.

Again, these games are very educational and not restricted to kids since many grown ups can also enjoy them.  Have fun playing and learning :)

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  1. Just wanted to comment that Scrabble is both awesome as a board game and on the PSP. Love playing it, especially multi-player with real people

  2. Are these all games are very beneficial for education of a kid?If it is true then i will use these games in the education of my children.

  3. The Psp has really great games, but the system it self is just uncomfortable to play. I prefer the DS which is about the only thing Nintendo makes now that appeals to me. The PSP go was a horrible idea. I'm all for the digital age but those of us already owning UMDs are not gonna upgrade. Plus its $250....screw that. Anyway I have a 3000 which is good enough for me. The new Lunar Remake is what i want. Plus of course Metal Gear. Even though the Peacewalker demo suffered to me because of wonky controls....face buttons for camera control...that sucks

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  5. Great list, need to check these out. We just bought a PSP for our 6-year old last year, but haven't tried out any of the educational games yet. I may give them a try now, he gets bored and frustrated from some of his games now.

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  7. Thank you so much! My kids love what we have looked at so far. I have re-pinned you onto my finished projects/review. I look forward to checking out the rest of your website.

  8. Educational children games help in the development of your child.Thank you for the share.

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