Professional Bull Riders PBR: Out Of The Chute PSP

Professional Bull Riders: Out Of The Chute. You can play as a cowboy rider or a bull, lol. It is funny how that sounds, but if you choose to be the bull, your objective is to knock the rider out of mount as fast as possible. hehe! Each character (man or bull) have their own properties such as balance, coordination, stamina, strength, etc.

There are many events in where you can compete; Some are: Quick Ride (kinda like exhibition match). There is a tutorial built inside the game so you won't bother reading the manual that comes with the UMD. There are two choices if you pick Single Player mode: Unlimited Ride and Season Mode. And those are basically the most important game play modes. Of course to keep things interesting there are also unlockables.

Now get yourself ready to learn how to play the game. Well, so far it has not been too hard for me. I could last sometimes more than 8 seconds riding a bull or maybe because I am too early in the game and I haven't ridden any tougher bulls. Well, this is said to be the most dangerous dirt sport ever. What do you think? Just look at the video below!

I have made this ISO file available for anyone to download for free as always. Just follow these simple instructions:


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