2009 1st Quarter Most Wanted PSP Games

Starting the new year 2009 right, for PSP players some new games are due to be in electronic, gaming stores, and its time to get exited about the new releases for coming '09 1st quarter games to be in store shelves all around the U.S.A. These are my most wanted at this moment. There are more games that I could not mention here, but I just want to keep this a short list of top 12. Some of the games here are schedule to be release as short one month, which ones are you interested on? please leave comment. ^.^

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Prinny: Can I really Be The Hero? (RPG)
2. Mana Khemia (RPG)
3. Samurai Showdown Anthology (Fighting)
4. Resistance Retribution (Action/Tactics)
5. Hammerin' Hero (Action/Adventures)
6. Brave: A Warrior's Tale (Action/Adventures)
7. Major League Baseball 2k9 (Sports)
8. Phantasy Star Portable (RPG)
9. DT Carnage (Driving Sim)
10. Dissidia Final Fantasy (Fighting)
11. Martial Arts: Capoeira (Fighting)
12. LocoRoco 2 (Adventures/Puzzle)

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