PSP GO Real Gameplay Has PS3 Graphics

Absolutely loving the the graphics here! PSP Go will definately be a tremendous hit in North America I think. And without a doubt the whole world.
I just wonder how some people have it already if the release date for the PSP Go has been set for October 1st, 2009. I mean this is not the first video you can see people actually playing the PSP Go on Youtube. There are more, maybe hundreds?

As you may already know the games for the PSP Go are all digital. Meaning that you will need to purchase downloads from the Playstation Store. Which I think you will be able to access it right from the handheld using a WiFi. Much like what you can do with a regular PSP, But I guess since PSP Go is designed for game downloads, I assume the downloading time and quality will be much better.


  1. But will older PSP's have such amazing graphics? I'd like to hope so. For example, will "Gran Turismo PSP"'s 60FPS be available on older models.

  2. I'm looking forward to the new PSP games that are to be released to launch with the PSP GO. Especially Little Big Planet, Resident Evil and Motorstorm!