Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 PSP Gameplay

Ok, I was comparing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 to Everybody's Golf. While both are golf video games for the PSP they are quite different. I will take Everybody's Golf every time if I had a choice. I no doubt would give Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 a little credit though.

I liked the mini games more than the actual main career mode and the quick play of course. For one, there is no excitement after you do a good play, like in the video shown here where I got a birdie. I mean the narrators are dull, their talk irritates the hell out of me most of the time if not all the time. another thing I have a problem with (and this might just apply to me only) is that I am not really good at using the joystick on the PSP, I always prefer to use the directional pad instead on all games. So I was not fan of the controls.

The one thing that Tiger Woods PGA has though is the customizing function, where you can create your own player, give him/her the specific facial looks and clothes, plus the mini games (which are 3) are great. (see me playing one the the video below). And the sounds are just Ok. If you are golf fanatic and Tiger Woods is your idol though, then this game is for you as there are also video where he comes and explains some game play on tournament challenge.

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  1. can u switch to 3 click swing on this version?