E3 Sony Talks About Little Big Planet, Modnation Racers, And PS3 Motion Control

Wow! I like the preview of these games (Modnation Racers, and Little Big Planet) they look excellent in gameplay, especially Modnation Racers which looks like a party game; and kinda reminds me of Mario Kart (the first one). Beating the hell out of my brother playing that game was surely fun back in the days when the SNES was number one console for video gaming. Now with better graphics and more fun gameplay I look forward to see Modnation Racers on the PSP.

The motion control looks cool, and I was thinking why would Sony be copying the Wii in its technology. I mean for a moment I thought the motion control is just like the Wii control, but in fact I could see how this could be very fun, and interactive with the players. The camera incorporation looks amazing too; especially in the video at minute 1:23 where the guy is kung fu fighting. That seems cool and will definitely get you off the couch and start working out...lol


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