On Your Mark, Get Set, PSP Go!

Are you ready for PSP Go? Well, it is really just around the corner. Are you ready to get it for the first time, or are you willing to switch from the regular PSP? With all the news running around that the PSP Go will have about 16,000 files available for download at launch on October 1st, sounds really tempting to get one. Break down of about over 200 files in games, over 2000 in movies, and over 13,000 in television episodes. Boy! that is a lot of media!

Personally, I think it could be rather expensive to switch not only because of the sticker price of the actual unit. No UMD drive will mean you will need to purchase downloadable games, movies or other. So its rather you starting with a brand new system, than continuing on the PSP legacy, because your UMD disc collection won't play on the PSP Go!


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