To Play Gran Turismo On The PSP You Need OFW 6.00

That is just been announced lately and the news is spreading as we speak. The file size to download that will surely be available at Playstation Network Site (PSN) is roughly 938 MB. If you wish to play Gran Turismo on the PSP, you need to update the system firmware to Official Sony PSP Firmware (OFW) 6.00

I guess people who run Custom Firmware (CFW) are out of luck for now, but maybe not for long. It really has been a while since the last available CFW update. Dark Alex dot org site is currently unavailable for this month. Hopefully by the next one, his site will be up and running and with more PSP hackable content.

For now I am just sitting here waiting what happens... a lot can happen in just a couple of weeks when Gran Turismo comes out on October 1st (same day PSP Go launches).


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