Field Runners Mini PSP Gameplay Strategy

Field Runners Mini Game for PSP is awesome. It is so much fun to play! The gameplay is simple. Place towers in the field to prevent the enemy reaching your base. I think it can be quite challenging, even on easy mode. There are 100 rounds so it takes a while to rid of all the troops that come charging in. The strategy here is to make a path in which the most powerful enemies get taken down before reaching your base. In the easy mode seen here, if 20 enemies reach the base, then it is game over. You also have to think about the enemies which are weak in health power (HP) but very fast in speed.

On the video above I show you round 100 of the first field. I could not stop those last enemies, but was victorious because those might have been the only ones that got through my defenses. My advice is that instead of creating more and more towers, upgrade them. and make the path so that enemies will have to walk back again to a same tower. The bolt towers are my favorites and are much damaging too. This game is extremely addicting. I love it!


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