Half Minute Hero PSP Gameplay

The Half Minute Hero title suits this game pretty good. Just because you are warned that the end of the world will take place in half a minute. Your job is to save the world withing 30 seconds. See on my video I failed big time. You have more chances to come back as the goddess of time will take you back in exchange for money? When did goddesses need money if they are goddesses? lol. Well, maybe little kids could not argue against it, but some of the older generation would not make sense of it.

Is this game considered Role Playing? I wonder... You know how RPGs are usually long stories in which you can't finish in a day? The tasks are sometimes long (for sure take more than 30 seconds) and sometimes you have to be patient when there is much talking going on. If in fact Half Minute Hero is considered an RPG, then it is unique in the way that you can finish a whole bunch of missions while waiting for dinner to be ready. The fastest ever RPG. lol

Overall this game is ok I think. Not a great game, but helps when you are really bored.


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