The Special Treat in Diablo 3 Collector's Edition

Are you a one of the die-hard followers of Diablo? Have you tried protecting your Sanctuary against the wrath made by the Diablo’s minions? How about the memories of the war that you had? Do you keep all those and get the best technique for the next battle? To those who answered 'yes' to these questions, the Diablo 3 Collector's Edition has something to cherish.

Several special goodies are collected into the Edition of Diablo Collector. Below is a list of all the contents.

No Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition would be intact without a full version DVD-ROM of the Diablo 3. In addition, the pack encloses the previous Diablo 2 and the subsequent release Diablo 2: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Thus, the players need to develop all new strategies and skills to become a big person and more knowledgeable in Diablo. However, the next edition of the Diablo game establishes on the legacy of the main storyline so updating your weapons is a good idea and a great help with the Collector's Edition. The extra in-game content is the special features of Diablo III Collector's Edition.
The following are included:
  • Interested in cool and special banners, armor dyed depending on what you want, special angels, bottled smoke, etc. The Diablo 3 Aesthetic Artifacts in the Collector's Edition has all these.
  • Never feel ashamed about your Sanctuary quest. The World of Warcraft Fetish Shaman Pet is also there. You can never find any innovative addition in other regular packs of the game.
  • Another extravagant goodie in the Diablo Collector's Edition is the net portraits and battle. So, let your technique and creativity lose with these portraits. All Diablo players will surely enjoy declaring their hero status with personally cast down combinations of portraits and army decal.
  • There is also a special Blu-Ray/DVD set for behind-the-scenes work that went into the game made by the most creative artists, writers, and musicians to make it as if in reality.
  • Diablo 3 art work has a beauty of its own. A special 208-page art book takes the readers from stage one of the Diablo series art work to the latest renditions of special art in 3D to make the readers follow the trend of Diablo.
  • In addition to all other goodies, the Collector's Edition of Diablo also establishes the pieces of music performed especially for Diablo 3. The pack includes a CD with 24 pieces and the main orchestra rendition is also included.
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