The Tearaway PS Vita Review

The PS Vita features a wide array of games that are enjoyed by people from all around the world on a daily basis. One of them is Tearaway and the bottom line is that it represents one of the best, but also most fun games available, as it manages to keep players interested through some very smart ideas which show pure creativity.

Explaining the main idea behind the game is quite difficult to do in writing, especially due to the fact that it can be considered something unique in the world of gaming. After choosing an ‘avatar’, the little game persona is tasked with delivering a letter to you, the actual player. Through the game, a player will have to control the little avatar through quite a number of challenges in order to help it out and allow it to finally fulfil its scope. Regardless of the fact that the idea may seem simple at first, the game itself provides an incredible story which is so well made, that it may even have the power to leave users mesmerized.

When it comes down to how easy it actually is to play the game, it is safe to say that although it has a lot of customization options and users can do a large number of things, getting acquainted to the controls and the overall feel of the game is not a challenge at all, thus making things even better. Tearaway also takes advantage of the fact that the PS Vita has quite a large number of inputs and sensors which are used in such a way to provide users with a friendly and interactive experience, while also helping them get lost in the world of it. The game features a smart concept which teaches you more as you progress through the game, rather than giving you all of the controls at once, which is a smart tactic that pays off well in the end.

Many gamers from all around the world believe that graphics and the way that a game is from the visual point of view are extremely important features when creating a review. Well, this may be true in many cases, but what’s great is the fact that Tearaway manages to create the perfect connection between a good story line, smart customization options and good graphics at the same time, thus making it a great experience for players of all ages. The sound effects that the game offers together with the artwork and the smooth way that everything seems to move transforms it into a game which is clearly different when compared with others that may have a similar concept in mind.

All in all, Tearaway has surprised many critics mainly because of the fact that no one thought that such a simple concept initially could provide so much fun for people from all around the world. As the game manages to do just that, while its features also get a high score, Tearaway can simply be considered a must have game for any PS Vita owner and definitely deserves to be rated 5 stars.

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  1. i don't like ps vita but after this review i'll change my minde