Top 3 skating games

Skateboard games on the internet are very popular nowadays. From a handful I have taken the opportunity to play; I made a note of the top 3 skating games on the net. These are free to play extremely fun and simple like mini games, there is no dull moment:

1. Skate Velocity: User friendly controls easy. Very addicting game once you start playing. You gotta collect as many gold coins as you can, Learn to jump, roll with your skills. The camera is set as a first person shooter. The speed at which you are skating is constant. Its a bit fast, so it does test your response time to avoid obstacles.

2. Stunt Skateboard 3D: Another 3d skating game that will have you pumped up. You will out on the street skating throughout a city, cars passing by and many real world-like things. I guess the only thing down about it is that the game does skip a whole bunch of frames.

3. Skateboard City 2: This will test your skill in combination in pressing buttons. You will do stunts in a skating playground scene. Pass multiple missions within given time. You should practice in tutorial mode, so you can have a feel of the gameplay first.


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