Lots of people may not know about visual novels, but in short they are video games similar to RPG games.  Except the interaction is more personal.  It often features static graphics in anime style or minimal animation where most dialog occurs.  You will see most of these types of games in Japan where they take their origin and quite popular in that region more than in the rest of the world.  As the genre name suggests these are novels; not in book form as it traditionally was before our technology, but in video game form.

The market for visual-novels keeps growing and new innovative apps are emerging.  Visualnoveler for example is its early stages, but promises to be one of the best applications people can use track and discover visual-novels.  Check out Visualnoveler today and find out for yourself.  Here are some of the important features of the app:

1. Tracking Visual Novels - Create your own list of VNs and compare it with the lists of your friends

2. Discovering Visual Novels(Ongoing) - VNs are sorted by categories -- genres,translations and existing walkthroughs.

3. User Profiles - Manage your lists,post status updates or comment on your friend's wall.

4. Visual Novel Database - The main bulk of the initial data is seeded.


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