DJ Max Black Square (Patched) Gameplay

Much of the Korean music game with new music tracks, but some of the music from Clazziquai are carried over to this one.

Language to choose from is Korean, Japanese or English. The basic game here is called Club Tour, then there are others which I think are just extras: Arcade Game, Network Battle(for multi-players). Three levels of dificulty to choose from: easy, normal, and hard.

There are music videos on Album which you will unlock and keep adding as you advance with the main game. One of the most great openings I have seen on a video game: that girl on the cover looks just so real and cool...

For the most part, I find this game hard even on the normal mode, so I choose an easy song, I havent tried easy mode yet, but will need to when some of the sequence of button pressing are just insanely fast. believe me, there are lots of them.

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  1. is it possible to upload the links to another website?
    coz i cant dwnload frm megaupload