SNES Emulator for PSP: Favorite Game Rom Set 1

The game ROMS I have included here with the SNES Emulator are the following:

1. Ms Pac Man
2. Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition
3. Super Punch Out
4. Yoshi's Island
5. Super Mario World
6. Final Fight 2
7. Fighter's History
8. Bust A Move
9. Contra 3: The Alien Wars
10. Captain Commando
11. Brawl Brothers
12. 2020 Super Baseball
13. Chrono Trigger

All these roms are just the best I did ever played on my Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). There are like old songs, but never go out of style, except they are games. If you remember playing these games on your old system and have a PSP now. you can get these non-large file ROMS and have plenty of fun like you used to when played them on your SNES. I actually dont have my SNES anymore. It broke a long time ago, but I can still play those games that marked my youth. haha!!