.hack On The PSP Coming Soon!

 .hack coming to the PSP. After many years being hosted on the PS2. Namco Bandai has decided to let .hack get some portability. We'll see how this will turn out. My personal experience with .hack has been very short. Quite a few years ago, when there was still no PSP, I only had my PS2 for gaming. The Fun thing for me was to go to my local video rental store, and pick up some good and sometimes not so good titles for my PS2.

So yea, about this game .hack; I do not quite remember all there was about it ( I only got to play the second one "Mutation"), but it was such a long series of games that I never got see the whole story unfold. It is said that on this you are Tokio Kuryu the main character who is a junior-high student. Basically this is set as to be the last of the series, no more .hacks to be made. unless the producers decide otherwise in the future.

If you remember playing the PS2 games of .hack then for the PSP, you should find the controllers similar to that when doing the main functions such as battle, exploring and such. The party is only limited to 2 characters. One being you of course and the other is the CPU.

The one thing that makes me exited about this game is that they say that the battle system is much enhanced from previous versions and feel almost as if you enter into a fighting game genre. (I imagine just when on battle mode of course.) I am also kinda looking forward the graphics. At this time is too early to post even a screen shot(note that the images here are not from a PSP Preview of .hack). I mean its on the works and said to be at least 50% done. So there is really not even a date set for release. I will keep my eye out for more....

.hack//Link [Japan Import]


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