DJ Max Fever For PSP

DJ Max Fever (Buy it From Amazon Here!)For PSP will soon be released at the U.S. thus the world since It is usually North America the last one in getting the games. DJ Max Fever will be one huge release from Pentavision (Developers) and Published by PM Studios.

We'll keep the same logic here as of how to play if you had the chance to get your hands on previous DJ Max titles before: Just press the buttons accordingly, timing and quick reaction time are of essence to be good with this game. There are 5 levels of difficulty. Watch out of high difficulty because it can be quite hard and overwhelming to press the buttons very quickly in sequence.

There is Network Battle Mode, I believe for Multi-player play, and as you play the main mode you will be able to unlock soundtracks, videos, and more stuff. Features great and over 100 songs of original music artists, video visuals make it neat. This game is due to be released by the end of January, 2009. Hope it lives up to our expectations.

As for the Box art cover... I did research over the internet, and came up with the above picture... Will this art box cover be used or....

This one? We'll see soon enough...

Well, here's me playing the game a little after the release. I do not try the hard songs yet cause I will lose. So in this case I had to try the easiest song on the game haha :D What do you guys think?

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