Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce PSP Gameplay

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce for the PSP is a great fighting, beat'em up game. It has somewhat strategy factor to it, and what I really like about this game specifically is how well the characters have been developed. Meaning the outfits, and graphics are outstanding. I specially like the girls on this game, so well created and sex appealing while they can also have good fighting skills(take a look at the picture above: isn't she pretty? and well equipped for battle?). The group cut-scenes are nothing short of amazing. (much like PS2 graphics) also the special moves, and character choosing variety is quite large.

As you can probably notice, I did just picked up this game and so, I still need to get to know the variety of attack combos. I have played previous Dynasty Warriors games on the PS2 and so, I already have the main idea on what this game is about. Personally, I do recommend this game to everyone. I am having much fun with it.


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