PSP Go! New Accessory Line Up, Not PSP 3000 Savy

Ok. the new PSP Go has been announced and expect to be released sometime in October this year (2009). Although I am excited and wish to get it and experience Sony's new handheld, I am really disappointed on some of the accessories it will carry. I am really a fan of PSP of course, but maybe it would have made more sense if all the accessories for the PSP (1000, 2000, and 3000) could have been used for the PSP Go!

Sony! come on, why change something when it has been working well? I could understand that maybe Sony is upgrading to more digital and discarding UMDs for the PSP Go! I could see the reason for this might just be to control piracy. But let's not over do it. It might just seem that Sony is now taking their fans for all they are worth. Want to empty out my pockets in buying new accessories? It might just be me, but that is not good marketing strategy.

I have no doubt that the PSP Go is huge in the gaming community, I only wonder if it is going to fly, and many gamers will buy in North America with the economy being the way it is. Buying extra accessories for the PSP Go (when they could have made it so that regular PSP accessories would work), do NOT help! but that is just my opinion!


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