Unbound Saga PSP Gameplay

Beat them up, brawler game, with a comic book feel to it. Unbound Saga for the PSP is a cool game to play. Nice features on this game. At first I did not now what that thing was that popped in the screen, but looking at more time over, it is a hand that draws with the pen or pencil the bad guys. The downside with this kind of games is that it always seems to be very repeating. What I mean is that there are a lot of bad guys just looking the same. If I was there actually the person fighting these scum bags then, I would just say: didn't I already beat you just a minute ago? lol... but I guess this come with the territory of brawlers.

I did enjoy the art, and all the background scenery is just neat and comic-book-like. And another thing I thought was cool is that you can buy moves. On the video here below I just show the basic since it is just the start of the game. Seems there are more characters to choose from too. Overall a nice 7 of 10 I think.


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