Need For Speed Shift PSP Gameplay

About the video below: short one finish line, 3 races, gran prix play, 8 cars.

I like Need For Speed Shift for the PSP. It is very addicting. I tell you once you pick up this game, you will not want to let it go. The cars are amazing, some are good at speed, but that is not all. On some races you will need a car that is good at drifting, because of the tight curves, and there are races that you score points mainly from drifting. It very challenging! I love the tracks, and the graphics are nothing short of fantastic. As you play more and advance taking 1st rank on all of the type of racing, you unlock cars, and opponents who challenge you to face off.

I'm loving much about this game, but if anything, I would have like a replay feature. There is no replay feature. Well that is about it. If you like driving games, consider Need For Speed Shift. You won't regret it.


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