PSP Go Pre-Release Boycotted

Nedgame, A Hollands very large retail store will not be providing PSP Gos. They have decided to boycott the brand new Sony's PSP Go. Reason being is because of the price and also because the system will not have a UMD Drive. Which means also no UMD sales.

I personally think the reasons are somewhat 50/50 bad/good. First about the price: It does not matter when you know PSP Go will be on demand, right? I know I am looking to getting a unit for myself. So who cares if it is 80 euros more than the regular PSP. So I think that is just a stupid reason. I can validate the second reason though. I know most retailers do not make much money from the game systems, but actually the games themselves. So yea, the lack of UMD can hurt their business when all the games for the PSP Go will be downloadable content.

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