Petz Saddle Club, PSP Gameplay

I do not quite know the reason, but I did find myself spending much time playing Petz Saddle Club for the PSP. I like the beginning intro and the great graphics, of course. Some might just say it is a boring game, but not so if you give it a chance.

Well, I have never had horse before, but I do think they are very interesting and beautiful animals. I think the main objective of this game is to give care to horses. Kinda like simulating taking care of real horses. You can do things like washing the horse, brush their fur, cleaning their box, and so on. (Just do not take this game as basis to take care of real horses like the message says at the start of the game).

The more care you give your horse, the better bond you have with it. I think girl gamers would appreciate Petz Saddle Club, more than the guys, but I am a guy, and I would definitely pick this game over some really other guy games that are just senseless for sure...


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