Adventures To Go PSP Gameplay

So far Adventures To Go for the PSP has been a good RPG for me. Very addicting, and it is quite fun. Explore the many types of planes, monsters, treasures, and overall different adventures without leaving the city limits, and best of all you decide your own adventure by placing an order once per day. Adventures To Go is very unique, and what I also like about the game is you can create your spells too, by the way of combining shards. Shards seem like special magic rocks. You can combine fire shard, and blade shard to create a fire spell. There is a extensive combination as there are shards, but a single shard won't make a spell. As you can tell (see my video above), I am just with two party members (Finn, and Alina), because I have just picked up this game. I am now getting a third party member; One who fights with hammer (Gifford), and has high Health Power (HP) level.

I guess if i had to change something about the game, it would be that sometimes while in battle mode I tend to do mistakes. The controls are not very helpful, and while you can undo moving, you can't undo other actions like attacking a specific grid (setting a monster trap), or defending. If I would be able to undo these two actions, the game would have been better I think. I absolutely love the graphics, but maybe inputting voice sound to some conversations would have been better, not that I do not mind reading dialog, but it is much convenient to have them talk.

I think I will finish Adventures To Go, if it is not too long, and does not get boring later on, I hope. I really do recommend you this game for those into RPGs. Until next time friends :D

Adventures to Go!


  1. whats the highest rank in mission and its reward?>..

  2. That annoying armor service guy telling about Witch's Lid?

    KloWn made a torrent for This.