Triple Triad PSP v0.3.1a -Hombrew Game-

I simply love this game on the ff8, just the mini is cool to play.  "The TT Team has released a new version of Triple Triad PSP, a homebrew game based on the Final Fantasy VIII mini card game. The latest update includes some code cleanups, new language support and some other improvements.

Developer's note:

The Triple Triad is a mini game that is based on maps found in Final Fantasy VIII, where various types of cards, depicting his face or a monster or a character is played on a board of 9 squares.
At each side of the paper there is a number ranging from 1 to A (10), the opponent will make the earth a card and must try to match its smaller side with one of our major, if you can manage the paper will become ours, then it is the turn of the opponent and may match his side more with our child and there is a risk that if the resume.

The game features all the rules of the original game, and well deck of cards including 4 in addition to the original deck, even that of FFVII, FFX and the latest FFDissidia"



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