Buy Lunar: Silver Star Harmony For PSP. Special Paypal Promo From PSP Games And Media

PSP Games and Media will now pay you via paypal to buy Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for your PSP.

Here is the deal:
1 Buy this game from using this Link (It will take you to sales page.)

2. Make the purchase, but only if interested in buying the game more than getting paypal money.

3. PSP Games and Media blog will award 1 US Dollar to the 1st 10 people who will  buy via the link provided above.

4. Payment will be via Paypal of course. You will need to let us know you have made the purchase through that link, and provide your paypal Id in order to get the 1 US Dollar credit.
Here is the Procedure:
Email "" with Subject Titled: "Lunar Silver Star Harmony PSP Game Promo".
let us know you have made the purchase through the link and provide your Paypal email.

5. It will take about a month from the time of purchase to receive your credit, so be patient.

6. Please know that not all who will make this purchase will receive the 1 dollar credit.  It is only for the 1st ten people who will buy the game using that link. I will keep this post updated to let everyone know the promo progress.

7. New or used game? does not matter. And please note that only people who have Paypal accounts are eligible to participate.

UPDATE: Offer Expired!


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