Mimana: Iyar Chronicles PSP Game With Sountrack Included, And Gameplay

Mimana: Iyar Chronicle is a single player, side-scrolling JRPG (Japanese role-playing game) for play on PlayStation Portable. Blending traditional RPG elements like map exploration and dungeon crawling, it allows players to engage in real-time battles in near 3D environments, where you control the movements, actions and strategy of up to four characters and impact the overall story, depending on your actions in the world of Iyar.

Drunk, despondent, and down on his luck, a spellsword mercenary named Crais Sewell reluctantly accepts a job from a young, cheerful troubadour named Sophie Rothorn. Their mission: to recover seven jewels scattered throughout the world of Iyar- for what reason, Sophie refuses to say. On their travels, Sophie and Crais meet Melrose, an eccentric mage with a penchant for dissection, Tinon, a tomboy who wields her magic a little too liberally, and Patty, a young woman with a good heart and a love for magical items disproportionate to her funds. As it becomes clear that Sophie's quest is not unrelated to a past Crais would prefer to forget, he faces a choice: Will he confront his past failures, and ultimately overcome them, or succumb to despair and misery? It is entirely possible that the fate of the world, or at least Crais's corner of it, may depend on his answer....

Here below is a little gameplay action.


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