My Personal Top Seven PSP Games of 2010 Countdown

Dissidia Final Fantasy, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, why do all these names sound so familiar? In fact, you probably remember hearing these names hundreds and hundreds of times before. Why is this? It's because these games are worthy of being on the list for the top seven best-selling PSP games of 2010.

#7: 2010 FIFA World Cup ~ Who doesn’t like football? This game, created by EA Sports, is based on the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Players can pick from one-hundred ninety-nine different nations. You’ll be able to experience the thrill of competing against your fiercest rivals by playing against the Computer or real live players around the world, all competing for the prized Cup.

#6: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Entertainment Pack ~ Play in a deep single-player mode set in the era 1970’s or choose the new and improved multiplayer option. To maintain peace in a military-less nation, you must use your tactical stealth as a Peace Walker to live the life as a legend on a new path forged by you.

#5: God of War Chains of Olympus ~ An awesome third-person action adventure game where you can solve puzzles, participate in quick-time events, as well as fight against bosses. New weapons have been added along with the trademark ones, each and every one adding to the mythology theme. Some major enemies that will prove difficult to defeat are dead Charon and the goddess Persephone.

#4: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII ~ Another installment in this epic series. The main character is a young soldier (a group of high-skilled people) in the 2nd class who dreams to become one in the 1st. All of sudden, many of the soldiers disappear without a trace. Zack, his instructor, and Sephiroth are to investigate the sudden disappearances. What does the future hold in store for these three?

#3: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep ~ All the worlds' safety depends on the Keyblade Masters, who rule everything and anything. To prove that they have the Mark of Mastery, three young kids named Terra, Ventus, and Aqua have trained hard for many years under their Master Eraqus. Unfortunately, fate catches them in the center of a universal problem. Even worse, at the same time Keyblade Master Xehanort disappears. These three friends stick together as they live out their destinies.

#2: Dissidia Final Fantasy ~ Two gods, Cosmos and Chaos, and one savage war. The goddess and the god, clashing against each other, both rule faraway realms and have gathered soldiers from every and any land to take them to victory. Who will win isn't clear, as both gods are equal when it comes to power. Many believed this war would ravage until the end of existence. But, all of sudden, Chaos gains the upper hand with a forever ongoing force. Cosmos' soldiers began to be killed off by fending off attack with no chance for rest. The eon-long war on the disordered world is about to end in Chao's favor. What will happen to the small amount of surviving warriors?

#1: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable ~ One of the few best RPGs for the Sony PSP has a new added protagonist! A female player-controlled protagonist, that is, which will give players a great new-found feeling. You will take the role of a SEES who can summon a manifestation of a person's inner self, called Persona. With these Persona, you will defend against Shadows during the Dark Hour.

The above games are part of the top seven PSP Games for a reason and will likely remain classics for the new decade and more decades to come.


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