Best PSP Repair Services Online

You're not out of luck if your PSP falters. There are many ways to find a repair service online and get back to gaming. Below are some of the best PSP repair services online.
One way to get your PSP repaired is through the services of iResQ. iResQ offers repairs for most of the common issues PSP owners are faced with: Joystick repair, UMD laser repair, mother repair, and of course, screen repair. All of the repair options are also supplemented with options to replace the components if they are beyond repair. On top of all of this, iResQ also offers free diagnostic services for your PSP. If you do not know what’s wrong with the unit, just ship it to them, and the company will contact you within 24 hours to let you know what the problem is and discuss your options. Prices for repairs vary based on the repair, but are very reasonable. A screen repair will only cost $89, while a simpler joystick repair will cost $39.
TechRestor offers similar functionality to iResQ, but their options aren’t as broad and the pricing isn’t as flexible. The repairs offered are for the screen, issues reading games, and issues with a button or joystick not functioning. The company does not explicitly offer any diagnostic options. They do have an option to select “Other” when describing your problem, so getting a repair for something other than what they overtly mentioned may be a possibility. All repairs are $89, plus a minimum shipping fee of $10, so any repair will cost a minimum of almost $100.
PDASmart offers a range of PSP repair options. The company offers the typical options, such as screen, UMD door, laser assembly, and a battery replacement. The company’s prices are among the most competitive rates available. A screen replacement through the mail-in service, for instance, will only cost $60. This rate is significantly cheaper than some other services. In addition, the company also offers the option to purchase the part and perform repairs yourself. This option isn’t for everybody, but can be a money saver for the more enterprising PSP owners out there.

Another company that might be worthy of your consideration is The site repairs not just PSP’s, but also PlayStation 3’s and PlayStation 2’s. PS-Pros offers a fast turnaround time of only 1-2 business days, and includes a 90 day warranty with all repairs. On top of this, they offer upgrade services for your PSP as well. The company boasts to have successfully repaired over 95% of their orders. They offer a free diagnostic service, but you won’t know the price until you send it in and have it looked at. PS-Pros states that prices range from $59.99 to $119.99. The prices are all-inclusive, meaning that parts and labor are included in those figures.

Mission: Repair
If, for some reason, the other sites mentioned aren’t what you’re looking for, you can try The company is moderately well-known and has a good reputation. If you’re insecure with using the other sites, maybe Mission: Repair’s reputable status is for you.
Llamma is a website that’s been around for awhile, and been a valuable resource to do-it-yourselfers. The site mentions offering PSP repairs, but that appears to have been discontinued. However, it’s still a great resource if you’re not comfortable with mailing out your PSP. Llamma sells many parts at a reasonable rate. In addition, they offer several tutorials for specific issues, as well as a universal disassembly guide. The tutorials are over four years old, so newer models with different builds may differ slightly from what’s listed in the tutorials. However, the knowledge within them can still be useful to someone that trusts their tech skills.

One final alternative is Craigslist. If you don’t want to mail your PSP off to some stranger, but you also don’t have the technical know-how to fix your PSP on your own, then Craigslist is a very viable option. Simply go to your city’s page, or the nearest city that Craigslist offers a page for. Once there, use the search tool on the left side of the page and simply search for “PSP repair,” either under the For Sale or Services category. In larger cities, you’ll find different vendors offering their services. Even if the city you’re searching in is small, you may still have luck finding someone to repair it. Craigslist offers the advantage of being able to be present while your PSP is repaired. Additionally, since most people offering repairs on the site are working independently, you might get your repair done for cheaper than most companies.


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