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How PSP Movie Download Websites Can Be a Scam?
PSP commonly known its short for PlayStation Portable. Well, let me tell you how this portable gaming console is more popular than the more conventional consoles. The PlayStation Portable can be used even on the move. It is quite an efficient gaming console for portable use. What is more, you can play a number of high-end games on the PSP. In fact, the PSP is also a multi-purpose device. It is also a console, where you can play movies as well. For this reason, there are many places, from where you can download any movie of your choice. Then, you can upload and play them on the PSP. So, you can use the PlayStation Portable for even your portable movie experience.

Do you also know that such movie downloads are known as PSP Movie Downloads? Such files are especially formatted to be compatible for playing on the PSP. There are selected websites, where you can find these formatted files. These websites promise to offer the best range of movie files. These websites contain files that have been uploaded by those, who own the websites. These PSP Download files promise to be with good quality picture and sound quality. However, is this real fact? Are the files really worth downloading? There have been some rumors about how some of these websites are false and fake.

The thing is that many of these PSP Download Websites are actually fake and phony. This is because these websites are not actually websites for downloads and uploads. They are actually websites for product placements and advertisements. This means that the sellers of these products may want to advertise them on these websites. So, they would like to also include some game downloads in their websites. This would be mainly to attract more people in their websites. This would be done so as to encourage the people to buy the products. So, these websites are actually platforms for the product endorsements.

It may be true that downloads from the website may be of good quality. They may have good sound and picture quality. However, a stronger truth is that downloads may not be any genuine. This is because these download files are not free from viruses or bugs. If they are actually downloaded and used, they may end up damaging the entire portable PlayStation. Thus, with the new onslaught of viruses, your PSP may not work at all. This may ruin your entire movie watching experience. In fact, these downloads may not be complete as well. Sometimes, the files downloaded from the sites are not complete. The file links may be broken or disrupted.

There is yet another reason why the downloads from these fake websites may end up filling the PSP systems with viruses and bugs. The problem is that these download websites and databases may act as bases for product placements and endorsements. This means that there will be many visual and animated ads on the websites. Now, normally, these would not be a problem. However, these websites may contain the harmful and malignant viruses. Now, if you download files from such websites, you may be doing yourself a risk. The viruses may travel from the websites to the files downloaded. When you will be playing the files, your PSP applications and programs will be badly affected. So, this could be a really grave problem.

With such evidence and solid facts now in front of us, it should be remembered that these PSP download websites are a major scam. So, you should steer clear of downloads and instead play movies on pen-drives and disks.


  1. It's really great and you guys are doing great job.. nice collection..truly i inspired from this write up, thanks a lot for sharing this information here..

  2. I can see how it would cause damage to a computer. Malacious scrips, viruses and other things cause damage to a computer. But causing damage to a PSP? I don't think so.
    Ok fine, 99% of the sites are filled with popups, misleading advertising, and youtube rips. Stuff people should stay away from, but nothing that will cause damage to a PSP.

  3. too many scams out there. people should read a little before paying for any download service. 9 times outa 10, you can get it easily and for free with a lil effort.

    try a site search in google eg...
    ' batman begins mp4 '
    ' sims 2 cso '

    use this type of search with any site ( my example is a file hosting site )

    p.s. love this site : )