Supaboy | Portable SNES

This is actually an alternative for getting the Super Nintendo games on the PSP by way of SNES emulation.  Seems like a little bulky to me.  The good thing about this device is that your old SNES cartridges will always be useful.  About portability? I don't think it is much portable looking at the phisical dimensions of it.  Specially how thick it is, and counting also that you will insert the big ole cartridges on it.

Overall is a good try though I think the developers of this device should have worked more on its portability.  Anyway, It it does beat the original home console and it is quite good that they included the feature of having the output on TVs.  Playing it on the big screen is definitely a plus.  Looks actually good!

I think I was always a fan of many old SNES games, and so when I saw Supaboy, I just had to write about it.  Some of the best games I ever played are SNES games.  Take a look at the video below for the actual unboxing:


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